The Geeks

We are the Geeks, nice to meet you ?


Marketing Geeks is a technological online advertising and consultant agency specializing in Adowrds lead generation in the most competitive markets known to man kind. Marketing Geeks was founded in 2015 by two MEGA ULTRA geeks in order to decode the right formula to achieve great success to our clients in minimum effort possible.


So… did we decoded the right formula?


So good you asked! After 6 years of testing marketing methods, using different automation tools and looking for the perfect campaign optimizers that can make the right decisions 100% of the time and achieve our goal of being simply the best –we created MAX.


So who (what) is MAX. ?


MAX. is an artificial Intelligence platform enables advertisers & agencies to get more value from their advertising spend while saving time & resources.


In another words…


MAX. is the ultimate PPC analyst & optimizer any agency or advertiser can ever ask for. He does all the analysis and optimization work perfectly and let you focus on what really matters – creating amazing USPs, landing pages and ads that MAX. can use to make your advertising campaigns consistently and optimally profitable for the long term.


Head of Content
Yael Kimelman

Content, life and style

Head of client support
Chen Zoltak

I love helping people!

Tomer Kaplan

There are no problems, only challenges

Head of professional services
Dawn Metzger

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan

PPC is Science. We Have The Formula